Board approves districtwide facilities plan, seeks zero-tax-rate-change bond issue in April


The Pattonville Board of Education on Dec. 14 approved asking Pattonville residents to vote on a $111 million zero-tax-rate-change bond issue on April 5, 2022 to fund a new master facilities plan for the district. The plan calls for adding classrooms to address growth in student enrollment; providing safety and maintenance improvements; and updating school facilities to meet current and future teaching and learning needs (see project lists below). Approval of the bond issue would not require an increase in the district tax rate.

Pattonville leaders worked with parents, students and staff for eight months to develop a new districtwide facilities plan to ensure Pattonville’s schools are well maintained and continue to meet the educational needs of its students. In the past decade, district enrollment has grown by nearly 10% and future enrollment projections indicate the district may need additional capacity for approximately 300 students in kindergarten through eighth grade. If the bond issue is approved by voters, elementary additions noted in the plan will be among the first projects completed. A timeline for the remaining projects will be determined once design and construction teams are hired. 

Every few years, Pattonville updates its districtwide facilities master plan in order to address building needs for learning purposes and to keep its aging facilities maintained and in good repair. The last facilities master plan was created in 2016, and a zero-tax-rate-change bond issue was approved by voters in April 2017 to fund updates and improvements included in the plan. As promised to voters during bond issues in 2006, 2010 and 2017, Pattonville has maintained its debt service levy (the portion of its tax rate that can only be used for paying off bond issue debt) unchanged at 49 cents per $100 of assessed value.

Overview of proposed projects by school

Pattonville Early Childhood Center

Bridgeway Elementary School

Drummond Elementary School

Parkwood Elementary School

Rose Acres Elementary School

Willow Brook Elementary School

Remington Traditional School

Holman Middle School

Pattonville Heights Middle School

Pattonville High School

District projects 

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